Legacy Stories

“The shortest distance between two people is a story”

Learn about actions, practices and projects that strengthen the social vitality of community!

The Community Legacy Program of Our United Villages believes that storytelling is a bridge of shared learning that connects people from all backgrounds, and enhances our social vitality.

Legacy Stories illuminate a myriad of actions, practices and projects performed by everyday people for the benefit of community. Through text, photos and video, groups share their ideas, how they moved them into action, and the difference they are making. Browse stories by themes to learn about positive efforts underway in our community, and let inspiration guide you in creating your own community legacy.

Share a story- Think about your neighbors, people you know throughout community who are creating legacies – big or small; put yourself in the picture. Share the stories you want future generations to tell about experiences in neighborhoods today.

Inspired?- Contact us to learn more about a specific Legacy Story, or schedule a free Idea Development Session to explore your ideas with us in person.

For more stories- read about our Community History Storytelling events.

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